Anxiety, Depression and the Average Person

I have anxiety and depression. It’s nothing new; I’ve been dealing with it most of my life. The official diagnosis is “Generalize Anxiety Disorder”. In short anything/everything can set off a cycle of worry and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.  As I grow older and see that the stigma behind mental disorders is changing; I’m realizing that more and … More Anxiety, Depression and the Average Person

Mom 365

The gel was cold, the embryo was small, and just barely noticeable there was a flicker on the screen… a flicker that was beating at 123 beats per minute.
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Let’s Be Honest

I think we are all well aware that social media doesn’t accurately depict anyone’s real life. As much as I want to be open about what’s actually going on in my life, I do find myself aiming to look “Pinterest perfect”. I want to appear like I have everything figured out. That my life is … More Let’s Be Honest