Welcome To The World (Pt. 1)

In the early hours of August 3rd, I woke up like normal to take one of my many nighttime trips to the bathroom. Oh, the joys of pregnancy. I laid back down and waited to feel the familiar shift and shuffle inside of my belly. There was nothing. Sometimes Baby Ritter took a second to wake up so I tried not to think too much of it. I tried not to think of how earlier that day an acquaintance had told me about a section of a cemetery they were visiting called “Baby Land”. Put that on the list of things not to say to a pregnant person.

I stayed up for almost an hour poking my stomach with no success, I drank a glass of orange juice, I drank a glass of Coke. Z woke up at 3:45 for work and assured me that everything was fine. He helpfully reminded me that I have this anxiety attack at least once a week. I started crying and said I was going to call the doctor; he agreed knowing it would make me feel better. The doctor on call said I should be feeling 6 movements in an hour… okay sometimes I don’t feel that anyway so I tried not to panic that I hadn’t felt him at all. Once he had left I called my mom. Even though I’m almost 27 she is still the first person I want to use as my sounding board.

She told me to try to get him to move again and if he didn’t move in 45 minutes we would go to the hospital. I waited 20. Originally I was going to go to her house and then go to the hospital but Z suggested going right away if I was that worried, plus I had to drive past the hospital to get to her house. I grabbed a backpack and filled it with clothes and food for work. I also grabbed my labor bag but not my hospital bag. I figured I should bring it just in case.

At 6 am they had been monitoring me and the baby for about 40 minutes and kept asking me if I was feeling the contractions the screen was showing. I said no, not really… My little guy wasn’t as reactive as they wanted so they sent me for an ultrasound. It took almost the full 30 minutes for them to get the movements they wanted but he did pass his BPP test.

I went back to triage and they hooked me up again while I waited for the doctor to tell me the results. They checked my cervix but I was still the same as I had been at my last doctors appointmnet a few days before: 1cm, 90% effaced. My cervix was still posterior making the check more than uncomfortable, I began to think labor might not be as easy as I had thought. 10 minutes later they told us I was being discharged. It was around 8 am at this point and I had already cancelled my morning lessons because I was exhausted.

Well, not even another 5 minutes later the Triage Doctor came in and said since I was full term (38 weeks + 3 days), contracting every 2-4 minutes, and that since the BPP numbers were borderline he was going to go ahead and make the suggestion that we induce.  I sent another text to my  friends, boss, and friday and saturday lessons. Sorry for the short notice but I was now on Maternity Leave. I had been talking to my fiancé the whole time keeping him updated and sent him the text we had been waiting for! “Grab the hospital bags and car seat and get to Winnie!”

Continued in Part Two 🙂

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