Babymoon (Part One)



Soon we will be a party of 3. We decided a long time ago that it will not be 1+1+1=3 at our house. For our family, it will be 2+1=3. This may not be the popular opinion but Zack and I both feel like in order to provide a loving, stable home for our child we need to put our relationship first. We need to nurture the love that made our very own tiny human.

When we first started dating we were always taking weekend getaways, doing some sort of random adventure (like bioluminescent kayaking), or going to Disney and Universal. We did at least still go to Disney regularly this year until it got too hot and I got too pregnant. Now, aside from occasional date nights revolving around food, all our money is going towards saving for baby.

I have not been easy to deal with even though my pregnancy has been easy. Zack has been a saint for putting up with all my anxieties. After having a mom funded mini babymoon in May I realized we really do need to take the time to relax. Having a baby in this day and age comes with so many extras. 3D ultrasounds and gender reveals aren’t for me, but a break in baby planning to have some quality time together is something I can get behind.

Originally we had planned on a weekend in Miami. Wooh! It would’ve been the first time visiting the city for both of us! Being the paranoid person I am, however, we ended up canceling our Air BNB in the Wynwood district. (I’ve wanted to see the Wynwood walls art for a couple years now and was already bummed about missing the ice cream museum. So it wasn’t an easy decision.) Even with the OK from my Doctor it still seemed nerve-wracking to be 5 hours away and almost 35 weeks pregnant. We’ll get to Miami one day (sans baby) and party like the childfree people we no longer are.

Luckily sticking close to home still provided us with a lot of “vacation feel” options. So Sapphire Falls Resort here we come! (Continued in Babymoon Part 2).


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