Babymoon (Part Two)


I’m not even sure where to begin except to say this weekend was everything I imagined and more! It was exactly what Zack and I both needed to recharge before our little one comes in 5-6 weeks.  Again, if you’re a mom or dad to be I strongly urge you to consider taking a parents weekend before the baby comes. Even if you’re waiting on your second child, or are struggling financially a weekend at home without any distractions can still be a wonderful time.

Okay, so where to start guys? I have so much to share! First of all Loews Sapphire Falls Resort is fabulous! The service was incredible, all of the staff we interacted with were so courteous and paid attention to little details that really enhanced the overall experience. Even when I was dragging my HUGE body pillow through the gorgeous lobby no one batted an eye. As a lazy pregnant person, I loved the shower. Having a bench there to just sit on after a long day of walking around was top notch. I will 100% be adding that to our house if we ever build one. We had a great view of the lagoon and if you ignored the glimpse of i4 on the horizon you wouldn’t have even known we were still in Orlando. 48 hours away from routine, I was so ready.

Since becoming pregnant I’ve been very lazy when it comes to putting in effort when going out. I told myself I would be a hot mom but I just can’t be bothered when I’m so tired. Our first night I did full make up for the first time in forever, threw on a dress and we headed out to Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium via the water taxi (boat). Normally whenever we go to that restaurant the wait is at least an hour but we managed to be seated immediately. Dinner was amazing and conversation flowed easily. Funny thing is even though this was our last hurrah before becoming parents we kept talking about the baby. I’m told this is normal lol. Hopefully, we won’t grow up to be one of those couples that only have the kids in common. For now, we’re just too excited to not bring him up.

That night and the next day found us at the pool. There’s nothing like a heated pool when you’re carrying an extra 25 pounds. It’s been so long since my back and knees haven’t ached just doing everyday things. I wanted to live in the water. Zack enjoyed a rum runner and later on a margarita which sounded amazing but I was happy just splashing around, being able to breathe.  Mom life changes things I guess. Who am I kidding, I’m still counting down the days until I can have a glass of wine.

We ended up having a late lunch and instead of getting dressed up and going back out we opted for room service. This wasn’t just regular room service though. They brought in an actual table for us to eat off of and the food was really good and worth the price. It was super fun being able to eat in our PJs watching Deadpool even though it wasn’t close to our original plan for the night.

I think that right there was my favorite part of the weekend. How we had a sort of schedule but we were free to make adjustments. I know when the baby comes he’s going to dictate our schedule so it was great to be able to be free with our plans. Zack and I are lucky enough to have the same days off together every week but it was still fantastic to put our phones down and have so much uninterrupted time together. I am so in love with my little family. Even though it was our last vacation as a party of two for a while I am so excited to be a party of three.


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