It Takes A Village


A week after our first baby shower I was sitting with one of our family friends and noticed that she had a blue string tied around her wrist. I mentioned it and she replied easily “Well we’re supposed to wear it until he’s born right?”

My mom insisted on doing one thing at my baby shower. She had all the adults stand in a circle holding hands and then looped string around one wrist of each person. She then had my fiance and I look at everyone that was gathered there so that we could see our “village”.  After that, she said a quick prayer and cut the string leaving us all to tie the remaining piece to our wrists. A symbol of how we are connected, a symbol of love for our boy. Mine fell off before the end of the shower and now lives in my wallet so it’s still near me.

Seeing the string still tied tightly to my friend’s wrist made me want to cry. I cannot believe the amount of love I have encountered waiting for my baby boy. Another family friend took it upon herself to host a second baby shower for my work family. It was so fun and I loved being able to share my journey with my coworkers, students, and their parents.  My career is so much more than a job and I am honored to have relationships with so many different mommies. I’ve received such great advice from the moms of awesome kids; I hope I remember every detail so that one day my child will be just as wonderful.

I know I haven’t done anything to deserve the outpouring of generosity and kindness this pregnancy has brought, but I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this gift; a life full of love. I never thought it would be anything like this.

My mother worked tirelessly on baby shower number one; my family flew down from Virginia to attend, essentially traveling 1,000 miles for 2.5 hours; my in-laws drove down from South Carolina for Mother’s Day weekend since they wouldn’t be able to attend the shower. I am amazed at the lengths people have gone to celebrate my growing family.

It is a great feeling knowing that when the days are long and the nights are long I have so many people I can turn to. I could call my Mom at 2am saying “We need a break” and she would be at our house as soon as possible. I sit here while Zack cleans the cat litter and scrubs the bathroom with bleach since I can’t and I revel in the fact that I won’t have to do this alone. I have such a great partner. I have an incredible support system.

It takes a village but I have a whole world.

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